Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Buying Organic Food in Beijing?

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What? Beijing and Organic Food? It seems like unlikely combination but I’m happy to say that the organic movement is finally slowly happening here too! If you are searching for where to buy organic/locally grown produce in Beijing directly from farmers, look no further, I have the whole list here for you. ☺

read new updated list here ->

Where to buy Organic Food in Beijing? (2014 Updated List)

from 2013 post

When I first moved to Beijing a little over a year ago, frankly speaking, I used to be a little scared of dining out at local restaurants or buying food at local markets because of severe air pollution and all the food scandals happening around China. But you know what? I decided to let go of my fear and actively seek out healthier lifestyle in this city of 40 million people! After months of attending various food events and making friends with young local farmers, I now have direct access to farm fresh organic veggies! ☺

Beijing’s first Food Camp event, discussed about food health issues in China and what we can do to help resolve them

Food Camp event (Food Revolution day), I got a free organic lettuce heart and bokchoy to take home in my laptop bag! 🙂

Did you know that many of the local farmers in China grow organic produce but are not marked ‘organic’ because for small farmers to get organic certification, they have to pay a LOT for EACH vegetable variety they grow and thus cannot afford it? Did you also know that some of the so-called ‘organics’ you buy from supermarkets have fake labels to mark up the price?

Musichef Tip
That’s why I personally recommend buying directly from farmers for two reasons- by buying locally produced goods you not only support local famers but also get the freshest (and safe) produce delivered straight to your door! I also recommend you to visit the farm to see where your food actually comes from, labels can lie but your eyes won’t.

Here is the List of places you can buy organic food in Beijing!

Local grocery stores:

some local supermarkets like Jingkelong and Tiankelong carry them

International & specialty shops:

Carrefour/ Walmart
Jenny Lou’s / April Gourmet
LOHAO city* (Organic specialty shop)
World Health Store

*you can go to their store and order specific veggies & fresh chickens from their farm


Beijing Organic & Beyond
Taobao / Tmall **

**Chinese equivalent of, do your research and only buy from trusty vendors

Direct from farmers:

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Shared Harvest – a group of young college graduates and Ph.D students working with local farmers, you can sign-up with them to get your weekly fresh veggies delivered right to your door! (very passionate group of young foodies whose mission is to bring healthier lifestyle to people living in BJ)

Farm stands / farm shops / country Fair
*updated 6/7/2013 -> new post on Cherry Picking in Beijing’s first Biodynamic Farm – God’s Grace Garden

Farmer’s market – I heard there is a weekly farmer’s market in Shunyi area as well as bi-weekly (Saturday) market at Canadian International School in Liangmaqiao.
For live updates visit their their Weibo site / Facebook page or send them an email at to be put on their mailing list.

Additionally, there are non-profit organization that host various food-related events around Beijing for those who are interested in getting involved.

Slow Food Beijing chapter (started last year, I’m one of the core active members, if you like to become a member, leave me a message here under the comment section)

Roots and Shoots

(the list is adapted from Food Camp workshop & Beijing’s first organic fair)

Cheers! Here is to eating REAL, Seasonal and Locally grown food and leading healthier lifestyle! ☺

2014 UPDATED LIST – Where to buy Organic Food in Beijing?

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  • TJ

    guest comment

  • Sarah

    Thanks for posting this, we have recently moved here from Canada for a year….I’m glad to know we can find healthy sustainable produce after all!

    • Hi Sarah, you are very welcome! Yes, the organic movement in Beijing is gaining popularity these days, I hope it continues to get better and better. Welcome to Beijing! Join us for Slow Food Beijing events (we will have a general body meeting next Friday (Oct. 4) if you are interested. 🙂

  • kim

    Thanks again, I am also from Canada and newly here and have been struggling with buying good produce and meats. I am used to local organic farmed clean food from Canada and this is an adventure sourcing clean foods here. Your help is appreciated.

  • Kai

    Hi all of you. is there any distributeres og organic food in Beijing or around? We have certified organic wines which we want to distribute in China.

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  • Angela Im

    I’m interested in being part of your slow food group please.

    • Hi Angela, after Slow Food Beijing became officially recognized in Beijing, because of lack of freedom allowed in the group and difference in vision, all the board members including myself left the group. I’m in the process of moving out Beijing soon, I hope you can find other community group like this (try going to organic farmer’s market or street fairs or The Hutong). best of luck!

  • Angela Im

    I’m so sorry to hear this and very disappointed this group didn’t work out. Did everyone leave? Thanks for answering and where are you going? All the best!!