Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Cookie Class 1st day at Maman Gateau!

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      1. Spring Wind

9:30am on Tuesday, when I entered Maman Gateau baking school to get ready for my first artisan cookie class, I was immediately greeted by the familiar smell of warm melted butter and chocolate! Ah~ my sweet baking life in Seoul started just like that!

Making Batons Marecaux (almond flavored baton shaped cookies!) my favorite from the first class!

Piping out honey vanilla madeleine (shell shaped cookies)

I want to tell you a little bit about Maman Gateau ’s history – which as an aspiring food entrepreneur, I find very inspiring and fascinating! Now a famous dessert café and a baking school started 10 years ago by a busy housewife with two kids who in her 30’s wanted to start something on her own. She began taking baking classes from a pastry teacher for a year to master the basics, then she started teaching her own baking classes from her own tiny apartment living room.

Baking tools and moulds

After she gained some popularity with her students from her neighborhood, she rented a small studio to not only teach but to sell her organic homemade cookies online and cater private events. In the meantime, in order to improve her pastry skill she enrolled in a renowned Le Cordon Bleu pastry school in Seoul and got a professional degree.

the founder and CEO of Maman Gateau Dessert empire – very humble and talented Mrs. Pi who started from her tiny little apartment kitchen 10 year ago!

Long story short, within 10 years with her husband’s marketing help she went from a small apartment baking class to owning the “Maman Gateau Dessert Café / Baking Academy” building in one of the richest neighborhoods in Gangnam area + two other dessert café stores.

Maman Gateau Dessert Cafe downstairs

Oh, did I mention she started a baking factory supplying desserts to over 200 cafes and restaurants all over Korea too? This is why I chose this school over many other pastry programs offered elsewhere, not only to learn new pastry techniques and original recipes but also to learn the business side of operating a café/baking school. I will write more about the business class next time if anyone is interested in learning but for now, I’ll present you with a sweet short video from the first two classes! (if you are watching from China, you need VPN) ☺ (pause the background music on the top or just wait and enjoy the music until it stops before playing the video 🙂

Making of German Apple Cake, Brownies, Vanilla Cookie

– Lessons learned today?

– A lot of these cookies taste better 2-3 days after!
– Cookies made with sugar are crispier and ones made with powdered sugar are softer

All the cookies from the first two classes, oh my garlic, anyone want to share these??

32 kinds of Gourmet cookies and pound cakes from Business Basic Pastry course

For this month and next, I will be journaling about my baking school experience(with short videos I made in each class), explain different types of gourmet cookies and share baking tips I learned. I will even share a few of the recipes for my readers ☺ but for those who don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry! I will post about other interesting things as well!

next in line? Chocolate lover’s fantasy – Fondant Chocolat (French style chocolate lava cake, yum!) Recipe to be revealed next week!

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