Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Farm Trip to Shared Harvest Farm

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      1. 稻香 by Jay Chou

Have you ever been to an organic farm in China? I went last week for their last harvest! It was my 2nd farm visit in China and I had a blast chasing after turkeys and pulling out fresh carrots from the ground, it felt like a sweet daydream….. For those of you who don’t have chance to visit, let me take you on a photo and my first video! tour of the farm 🙂

people were worried since it was my first time on a tractor! haha!

About a few months ago I wrote a post about ‘where to get organic produce in Beijing’ and mentioned many farms around Beijing. Well last weekend I finally had chance to go check out CSA Shared Harvest farm with FatFace catering friends. What’s so special about CSA Shared Harvest? ?

1. It is a community started last year by Dr. ShiYan (PhD) and her team to support China’s local farmers .
2. They cooperate with a dozen local farmers and help them connect directly with consumers
3. The team is made up of 20+ enthusiastic young college graduates from Agricultural University who want to bring back REAL FOODS, REAL FARMERS and REAL COMMUNITY in China. In doing so, they also aim to attract more young people to come back to farms.

CSA Shared Harvest Farm in Eastern Beijing

the chef at Shared Harvest who cooked us all organic farm-to-table meal!

freshest veggies, stir fried just salt but WOW the flavors were amazing! was surprised at how sweet farm fresh carrots can be!

we watched a short documentary explaining the problems of modern commercial farming in China, it showed Jamie Oliver too and his effort to revolutionize the food industry with his Food education initiative! 🙂

last harvest – rows of corns ready to be picked up soon!

narrow alley that leads to the farm field

It was my very first time in my life that I pulled out fresh carrots and giant radishes from the ground! How excited I was!!

3 finger carrot that I pulled out!

our day’s harvest!

ta dah~ I shot a short video for you all! enjoy! * please press pause button on music player on the top of the post before you start the video or watch the video after the music ends 🙂

field of fresh spinach!

new foodie friends eating raw freshly picked broccoli, I also tried a small bite, and wow it was surprisingly good! I wish I brought Korean chili paste with me!

veggie delivery man for the day!

a group of four turkeys always traveled together, very protective of each other like a family 🙂

it was surreal looking at a group of geese turning left and right on farmer’s command then flying off together (albeit only a short distance)

this is what farm to table is all about, made fresh radish & carrot kimchi, veggie stir-fry with garlic, pickled radish and carrot muffins all from the same carrots that I had harvested the same day!

I don’t know if it was because the fun I had at the farm or the freshness of the veggies but everything I cooked that night tasted so much better than the dishes made with store bought veggies. Especially these carrots, Oh My MY! were so juicy and packed with flavors and such sweetness that I hardly had to put any seasoning on them. I guess the old saying is true, once you go farm fresh veggies, you don’t want to go back!

the farming crew with freshly picked lettuce bouquet!

Now I understand why more and more people buy directly from farmers at farmers market – not only are you supporting the local farming businesses but all the veggies and dairy products you get are so much fresher, healthier AND tastier! HOWEVER, not all farms are created and operated equal. I strongly recommend you and your friends/family to take a trip out to a local farm one weekend and SEE for yourself where your food comes from. To me, that’s not only the best way to ensure the safety of the food you consume but also you will create wonderful memory just being out in nature with the loved ones.

Next time, you are at a supermarket, ask yourself this question – where do the food I eat come from? The chances are your grocery bag may have mangoes flown from the Philippines, avocados from Peru and meats flown from Neverland. If you are okay with that, that’s fine but I ain’t a world ambassador like Angelina and Brad and collect food from all parts of the world, I’m happy with my locally produced seasonal foods 🙂

in case you are wondering ‘where to get organic produce in Beijing’ , I wrote a detailed post on it, check it out! 🙂

very content with my radishes! in my head I’m thinking – radish kimchi!

I’m on Instagram – Musichef_TJ come experience Beijing’s culinary scene as well as Musichef TJ’s daily happenings 🙂

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  • yea, it was a fun trip! 🙂 hope more foodies can join us next time!