Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Food Hunting in Seoul ep.3 – My Love from the Star exhibition (来自行星的你 展览会)

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If you live in Korea or China and haven’t heard about K-drama ‘My Love from the Star (별에서 온 그대 / 来自星星的你) at least once this year, you are a spy! Fans of the show and those who have secret obsession for K-drama rejoice! Today on our episode 3 of Food Hunting in Seoul, I will take you to ‘My Love from the Star’ exhibition that was held in Seoul this summer. As a bonus, I’ve also included never-before-seen ending segment at the end of the video. Enjoy 🙂

I try to limit the number of Korean dramas I watch every year because I KNOW from my experience that I can’t get any work done while watching them NON-stop! Earlier this year, “My Love from the Star (별에서 온 그대) took whole China by storm!! This Korean drama series was such a huge success that for a few months, not a day went by without seeing my friends posting about the show on either Weixin and Facebook!

各位星迷,你们知道《来自星星的你》在韩国播出时有两个版本的结局吗?你看到了都教授和千颂伊的Happy Ending吗?在这期节目里,你不仅能看到你从未看过的大结局,还能全方位体验电视剧的特展,快点击视频吧,你期待的都在这里~


As much as I tried to avoid the show, almost EVERY day, someone would come up to me (both friends and random strangers, even taxi drivers in Beijing!!) and ask me so many questions about the show – ‘what do you think about the show?’ ‘Cheon Song-Yi (lead actress) just had fried chicken in the last episode, where can you get authentic Korean fried chicken in Beijing?’ ‘Does Do-Minjun (lead actor) have a girl friend?’ …. -.-;

Being a globalized Korean I am, it got to the point that I almost felt responsible to KNOW all the answers to these questions. So I finally gave in and watched the show, not because I particularly liked the story line but I wanted analyze WHY this show was such a HUGE deal in China.


I was curious what kind of TV series could bring the sale of fried chicken & beer (main food that appears in almost every episode) in China up by 400%!! In the end, I must admit, I was quite addicted to the show…. I also admit, after watching the show I went out to eat fried chicken and beer…. multiple times hehe;;

fried chicken beer

caught in the act with fried chicken and beer = Chi-Mac

So when I went to Korea earlier this month, I had to go check out ‘My Love from the Star’ exhibition held at Dongdaemun. The exhibition ended on August 15th, so for those of you who haven’t had the chance to see it, I will take you on a tour of one of Korea’s most popular drama series shooting set, and as a bonus, I’ve included never-before-seen ending scene that was not aired due to TV station’s schedule conflict. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Here is the full video->

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also on youtube – (search for Food Hunting in Seoul)
unfortunately, on youtube, this episode was deleted due to copyright issue, you can watch the video above on youku.

star TJ 2

Mr. Do Min-jun, Cheon Song-yi now has a new boy friend…. imitating Cheon Song-yi’s voice ‘saw-rry’!

Behind Story

IMG_5957 This time, I went to Korea for family reunion alone without Kayla, so as you can probably tell, I had to use one of those ‘selfie stick’ to film myself while taking pictures. Please excuse the quality of recording. For example, the scene where I’m buying the ticket, I had to film myself 4-5 times to get a decent shot. It was kind of embarrassing to film myself while people were watching…but hey, the video came out not bad 😛 (thanks Kayla for editing this video, we put in over 20 hours!) IMG_5962

Full videos will be uploaded onto (一起觅食吧/Food Hunting)and on TJ’s blog every week

Next week, we’ll check out Korea’s number 1 Ginseng Chicken Soup Restaurant!

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