Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Renovation 7 – Musichef Kitchen is done!

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      1. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

Ladies and gentlemen who love good food and good music, the long wait is over, I welcome you to Musichef Test Kitchen!

The entire kitchen renovation took a total of 128 songs played on a repeat mode for over 70 times -that’s roughly 56 days of waking up to drilling noise and dust filled apartment but I’m so glad that I decided to break down the wall and renovate the kitchen. I’m so thrilled because the new kitchen studio is exactly like what I had in mind, a cozy and warm open kitchen/ entertainment center where I can cook with friends, test recipes, and host various events! Instead of boring you with words, let me take you on a picture journey of Musichef kitchen transformation!

What the kitchen used to look like……(looking at these pictures now I’m saying to myself ‘Oh WOW….!” 🙂

and THIS is WHY I wanted to transform my tiny narrow kitchen in the first place!

Breaking the wall!

Construction begins! the wall of horror being taken down!

getting inspirations for the kitchen design! more on my previous post Inspirations and Designs

I took a poll and asked the readers on my facebook page / instagram which of the two final designs suited Musichef, a warm and cozy kitchen that matched the song that you are listening to right now (Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours’) and the majority of people and I voted for the 2nd design! (thanks everyone for voting!)

more construction , 56 days of messiness but the wait was worth every bit!

new shoe cabinet and a bar to hang jackets!

Window garden where I plan to have my own herb garden! 🙂

view from the living room + multi-purpose modular sofa that turns into a bed, a coffee table, bar stool!

The wall of horror was taken down..!!

tadah~~! a new cozy kitchen studio!

a projector screen for movie, music & food events

from the final design to

panorama view! Isn’t it nice?? what do you think, does it look like the original design?

shelf for all my cookbooks and music theory books!

lot of new storage spaces + pantry space above my laundry machine!

kitchen at night (besides all the lights you see, I also installed disco-like led lights that change color that gives bar/lounge like ambiance! I may be a nerd but I know how to party haha;;

a new menu board!, spices and decorations that show my personality.

Happy and content with my new kitchen!

from this mess to………

Oh My Garlic! a Brand New Musichef Test Kitchen, what a transformation!!! (I love the new space)

Musichef Tip #1 This one being my first renovation project ever, I’ve learned so many things. For those of you who might be thinking about transforming your kitchen too, I just have a few advices –
1. If you want to save some money, do your homework, do as much research as you can and compare different options (hire professional help if you need it)
2. Appearance is of course important but functionality comes first, make sure your kitchen is Comfortable for YOU, since YOU will be the person cooking in it! Pick a design that is right for you, in the end you will be the one spending the most time in the new kitchen.
3. You may run into unforeseen problems, be open to make some last minute changes to the initial design. Be flexible.
4. Last advice is specifically for those in China, be there to supervise every step of the renovation, and PUSH PUSH PUSH (but don’t lose your temper and shout) the contractor/designer otherwise you will get nothing done on time.

What do you think about my kitchen transformation? Like it? not like it? leave comments 🙂

This is the final part of my Kitchen Renovation project series, if you’d like to see the whole renovation process in detail, you can read my previous entries Secret Project TK, Breaking the Wall!, Inspirations and Designs, Final Design , Renovation Shopping Guide , Construction and Finishing Touches blog.

This weekend I will host my first special brunch party for the first time at Musichef’s brand new Test Kitchen. A new space with many new possibilities – a new open kitchen means I don’t have to cook alone in the kitchen any longer! I get to test recipes while dancing and cook together with friends. It also means I get to shoot my own cooking videos in the future!

I hope in the months to come, this new space can serve as a creative haven for friends, artists, musicians, foodies, and other individuals with passion for life. As this place gets filled with more joy and laughters over time, I hope to create more Recipes for Life that can have positive impact on others lives.

Shall we dance to the rhythm of cooking and sing to the wonder of life together?

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  • Haein Erin Lee

    awesome awesome awesome!!! you should be super proud!!!!!

    • hello! muchas gracias mi hermana! 🙂 how was your backpacking trip in Spain??

  • Ellen McSweeney

    Wow, TJ…it’s gorgeous! Wishing we could taste your creations…

    • thanks Ellen! 🙂 hope all is well in Boston!

  • Haena

    It’s sooooo awesome TJ!! It looks simple but soo modern! Soo jealous!!!

    • hehe danke haena! ?como esta tu universidad? espero que tu vida en Alamenia es bueno!

  • salad

    wow musichef tj!! this looks fantastic!!! cozy and light. love it.

    • Thank you Sarah!! I hope one day you can come visit! 🙂 will try to see you in Taiwan!

  • Shang

    This is awesome TJ! So beautiful