Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Mom’s Crab Stick Omelette (게맛살전)

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      1. 담다디 (Dam Dadi) by Lee Sangeun

Do you remember the first dish you learned to cook from your mom? well for me, this Crab Stick Omelette (게맛살전) is the very first dish I learned to cook from my mother – the very first and only dish I mastered at age 17 because it was so simple to make yet so delicious.

crab stick 12 finished Just before I went off to college, this crab stick omelette was the first Korean dish my mom taught me how to make. Throughout my college years and years living abroad away from home, these little omelette pancakes always made me feel close to home. It’s hard to believe a simple dish like this made with only 4 ingredients can be so good! I almost want to keep this family recipe to myself but this simple recipe is too good not to share with Musichef blog friends. This is also great for parties!

crab stick 3 When I was interning at the Food Network in NYC, I cooked these crab stick omelettes for all my colleagues and in-house chefs and it was a big hit! They were gone within minutes! My friend and food stylist Santos even asked me for the recipe 🙂

crab stick 6 with mory crab stick 13 fnw crab stick 5 all gone Now I will share my mom’s recipe with you.

crab stick 8 hand crab stick 1

the above mixture is just about right, the mixture shown in the photo below is little too runny!

crab stick 9 runny crab stick 10 chopstick crab stick 2 For those of you not familiar with crab sticks – they are processed imitation crab meat made with pulverized white fish flesh that are cured and shaped into crab legs. Commonly found in Korean kimbap, and Japanese sushi platters. This is probably my favorite way of using crab stick! 🙂

This is my mother’s original recipe, if you want to use this recipe, I would appreciate it if you give her some credit (Grace Lee) 🙂

Mom’s Crab Stick Omelette (게맛살전)

Prep: 10 mins Cooking: 10 minutes Very Easy Serves: 4

Music Pairing : ‘담다디 (Dam Dadi)’ by Lee Sangeun

a popular Korean pop song from the early 90’s that most Koreans born before 1985 know how to sing. I feel the familiar, simple and nostalgic melody of this song pair well with my mom’s home cooking, this is my comfort food!

3-4 Eggs (depending on the size)
about 10-14 imitation crab sticks hand shredded into strings (I use Korean brand 오양맛살 but Japanese, American ones should work just as fine)
one bunch scallion finely chopped
Salt & Pepper to taste
2-3 Tbs. Vegetable Oil


1. Using your hand, playfully shred imitation crab sticks into strings like you would a string cheese. (<-this is the only time I eat imitation crabs :P) I find the longer the string, easier it is to pick up the mixture later and shape it on a frying pan.

2. Mix in the chopped scallion, then crack an egg into the mixture one by one, mix it with a pair of chopsticks (because that’s how mama Kim does it and it’s cool) just until the mixture binds together but not runny. Ideally the volume ratio should be around 4 crab sticks : 2 part scallion : 1 part egg

3. Season the mixture with salt and pepper to taste

4. We can make one big omelette but it somehow tastes and looks so much better in mini round shapes (roughly the size of mug cup round). Skillfully using your chopsticks (it takes a bit of practice), drop each mini omelette onto a hot oiled frying pan and shape them into round shapes. The point here is not to make them into perfect rounds but let each omelette take on its own natural shape with a couple pieces of crab stick strings sticking out! (these few strings (especially the red parts) that do stick out become extra crispy and makes each omelette visually more appealing!). You should be able to fit around 8-10 omelettes in one large pan. Pan fry them on medium low flame until both sides becomes golden brown about 2-3 minutes on each side. Repeat until you are finished with the whole batch.

5. Serve with soy sauce with rice vinegar (sweet) mixed in. If you are serving them later, you can warm them up in the oven or pan before serving. I hope you like this recipe as much as I treasure it.

crab stick 11 chopstick

this is when you can test your mastery of chopsticks!

what was the first dish you learned to make from your mom/dad?

crab stick mom

my mom teaching me my very first Korean dish many years ago, even before I was interested in cooking, I learned this to survive through college cafeteria foods. Thank you mom and I love you!!

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