Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Bangkok at daytime

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      1. Yahk Rong Dung Dung by Palmy

Sa-wadee-kap! Hello everyone, I’m back from my Thailand trip! I went there not knowing anything about Thailand. Prior to this trip, in my mind, Thailand was a mystical place somewhere in Southeast Asia filled with Pad Thai noodles, Elephant rides, Thai massages and ladyboys….yes….as embarrassed as I am to admit, I was this ignorant! But I’m happy to say I came back with a newfound appreciation for this beautiful country, its genuinely kind people, its unique culture and of course its Aww-mazing food!

I will take you on a tour around Thailand, shall we start with Bangkok at daytime?

Bangkok, the sacred capital city of Thailand, while up to speed with modern times still shines with the grandeur and glory of the past. It is very common to see temples and various Buddha statues as well as many animal carvings juxtaposed with tall modern buildings in the city center.

The traces of Buddhism can be found everywhere from street corners to taxi decorations.

Speaking of taxi, the taxis in Thailand are pastel colored skittles! – pink, orange, yellow and green, whoa!

Magnificent architecture at the Grand Palace!

To enter you must follow this strict dress code, that means no Victoria’s Secret fashion show, no shirtless Abercrombie guys allowed on this sacred property! Thank goodness my friend warned me of this dress code, otherwise I would have had to cover my legs with an elephant printed pajama-like dress that they lend you at the entrance. ha!

A bright pink lotus in full bloom!

I was truly awestruck by the vibrant colors and complex patterns made up of tiny little reflective tiles -I felt like I was walking inside a giant kaleidoscope. Just to imagine these tiny tiles were put there by hand one piece at a time… simply stunning!

Did you know the famous emerald Buddha statue in the center temple is actually made of green jade? The story goes, the person who found it thought it was emerald at first!

A quick food break, delicious coconut-cream filled crunchy pastry with chive and a bowl of porridge with fish sauce and thousand-year-old egg

The giant reclining Buddha at Wat Pho temple measuring 46m! (almost the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool!)

After a full day of touring, what better way to relax than getting an authentic Thai massage at Thai Massage Medical school inside the Wat Pho temple! Bangkok at Night entry to follow soon-

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind then you think of Thailand?

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  • Sohyun

    Nice pictures TJ !!

    • Sohyun, thank you! 🙂 It was a very memorable trip, it was great getting to know you and John better and hearing your stories.