Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Psy looking for a chef? (I applied!)

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      1. Champion by Psy

If you have not heard “Gangnam Style” song by Psy by now, either you 1. have lived in a cave for the past 11 months! or 2. are a spy from North Korea. This same world famous is looking for a personal chef who will accompany him on his world tour this summer and guess what? I applied for this job! (my application video attached)

This entry is a bit long and describes all the challenges I faced as I was making the video, if you’d like, you can skip to the very bottom to view the application video.

As you probably know, the Korean superstar Psy has stormed the world with his highly addictive song ‘Gangnam Style’ last July garnering over 1.6 billion views!! and placing #2 on Billboard top 100 last year becoming a world star.

This might not sound like a big news to some but to me who has worked for JYP’s Wonder Girls when they became the first Korean act to enter the Billboard 100 chart at #76, I know how difficult it is for a foreign artist to break into the Billboard Chart, let alone rank #2 and win Billboard’s Top Streaming Song award!! I was so excited and happy for Psy!!! I am very proud of you Psy hyung nim! (Did you know that he went to Berklee college of music, writes, produces, choreographs his own song and directs his own music video?? He totally deserves this! ) ☺

So when I heard that Psy has teamed up with a popular Korean restaurant chain Bibigo to look for a personal chef to accompany on his world tour, I was ecstatic that I shouted my trademark three words… Oh My Garlic!! Are you serious?? The grand prize?

Sure, the free flights, free 5-star hotel stay plus $40,000 monthly salary are the biggest incentives for many people, but for me, just being able to cook for Psy and accompany him on his world tour is more than enough!! The event called for a submission of a video showcasing ‘bibigo mixing skill’ which can be a mix of anything – food, music, media….. wait… I already mix Food + Music for my blog!!

But there was one problem though…. the deadline to submit the video application was last Sunday (5/12) but I only heard about this event on Tuesday (5/14). But this didn’t stop me! I had to at least give it a try!! Mixing food with music and working as Psy’s personal chef, that’s practically my dream job. So I cancelled all my plans for the day and spent the whole day shooting the video. The next 30 hours have been a real roller coaster ride of challenges.

Challenge 1: Shooting the cooking video alone without a tripod… it was especially hard when I was shooting the ‘elevator dance’ scene alone. Beside the strange looks people gave me, the elevator door closed down on me several times and I had to run up the stairs to retrieve my camera.

Challenge 2: Two of my computers broke down on me while I was editing my video. Stayed up all night….

Solution: I asked for Kayla’s help, shot the 2nd half of the video and edited it together. Her 6-year-old computer also died on us several times while exporting the movie due to overheating. At 2am, Kayla literally lifted up her laptop and held it in the air while I manually fanned the computer for 30 minutes like I would for a Chinese lamb skewer BBQ (羊肉串) to keep the computer from getting overheated and shutting down. Our manual labor paid off, we finally got the movie file! ☺

Cooking, Dancing, Singing to Gangnam Style in my kitchen + the Bell Tower, Beijing

The next morning, after learning of the deadline extension, we added a new self-intro section with photos.

Challenge 3: None of Bibigo’s facebook page allowed me to upload the video. Solution? I uploaded the video on YouTube then posted the link on all 5 of Bibigo’s facebook pages (Bibigo Global, USA, UK, Singapore, Taiwan) and sent an extra copy to Bibigo FAQ email.

Challenge 4: Music copyright issue.
The video I uploaded on Facebook / YouTube was taken down because of music copyright issue, so that night, I took out the song (‘All Star’) and redid the background music and added my own song. A day later, someone from Bibigo left a comment saying, they got the video submission! ☺

Finally here is the 4th version of the video…

in case you can’t view the video here, here is my YouTube link -> Please enjoy the video! If you like what you see, please help me share it on Bibigo’s facebook page. Thank you all for your support!! ☺

Lessons learned :
technologies can fail you when you most need it but a trusted friend won’t.
when you run out of options, ask around for help. You may be surprised of the connections your friends/family may have. Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Although nothing came of it, my friend was able to pass my video to an ex-colleague who used to work at CJ Bibigo.

After posting on all of Bibigo’s facebook pages, I got one reply! 🙂

The chance of Psy actually seeing this video is probably close to 0 but I have no regrets because I did try my best and got one awesome video out of it! All I can do now is to hope for the best.

자신의 꿈을 위해서 노력하는 자는, 그 꿈을 닮아가게 된다 (a person who constantly puts best effort for his/her dream will gradually resemble that dream) (MusiChef TJ)

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