Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Foodie’s Thanksgiving Potluck Ideas

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it’s always ‘Multi-cultural Thanksgiving Without Borders’ at Musichef Thanksgiving parties where American style roast turkey sits on the same table as Chinese Spicy Braised Pork ribs, Korean Bulgogi, Japanese Onigiri, Brazilian Pumpkin Soup, German Pickle Potatoes and Singaporean Laksa! For this year’s potluck, I invited all my foodie, chef and restauranteur friends in Beijing for a grand feast! I will share with you some of the best Thanksgiving recipes I’ve collected over the years ๐Ÿ™‚

thanksgiving potluck-3 Ever since I launched my blog in 2012 November 12th, it’s become a tradition of mine to host Musichef birthday party in conjunction with Thanksgiving potluck! Each year I come up with a different theme and invite different groups of friends. At last year’s potluck I invited my church and music industry friends for a fantastic night of live music jamming, and dance-cooking (cooking while singing and dancing). For this year, I invited all my F&B friends (foodies, chefs and restauranteurs in Beijing) which meant LOT OF YUMMY FOODS AND NON-STOP FOOD TALKS! ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_1978 This year in attendance –
Fatface Buddha (contemporary and fun loving catering team behind BJ’s many food events)
Kristen of Lumdimsum (Beijing’s power food blogger)
Pernille (& Marte the dutch pancake masters of upcoming ‘I Crepes you not’ pancake shop)
Ernest of Nyona Kitchen (owner of Beijing’s best Malaysian restaurant)
Sawada san (awesome Japanese chef who teaches Japanese home cooking at her studio)
Sean of Vavavoom (my food partner in crime for our upcoming a.Wang Noodle Bar kiosk in ParkView Green ่Šณ่‰ๅœฐ๏ผ‰

IMG_1967 and all of my food loving foodie friends!! thanks all for making this such a wonderful night of celebration! Happy 2nd birthday to both Musichef TJ and Fatface Hsu!

Couldn’t make it due to work but attended in spirit:
Stephanie of Maomaochong (one of BJ’s best mixologist), William of Vandaroom Cafe, and Joanne of MySoup, Chef Kath of Black Chook catering and Lianne (pastry chef)

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving recipes and ideas that I collected for the past two years. Read more on my last year’s Musichef Thanksgiving Without Border Party here .

Best Turkey Alton Brown’s Good Eat’s Roast Turkey – even if this is your first time, if you follow this recipe word by word, you will have a perfectly golden and tender turkey! Goto youtube and search for Alton Brown’s turkey 3 part videos (brining, roasting and carving) IMG_1933
Best Gravy – haven’t found my favorite yet! I tried the porcini gravy but it wasn’t so good, if you know a great recipe please let me know! thanks!

Best Stuffing William Sonoma’s Crunchy Bread Dressing with Bacon and Leeks – OMG, this is always everyone’s favorite! a true show stealer! it gets more attention than the turkey itself! I tweaked this recipe a little, put bacon fat fried button mushrooms, cream and gruyere cheese (next year I’ll try putting kimchi together with bacon!!)

Best Cranberry Sauce Cranberry Sauce by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli of Food Network – first time I tried making this, it’s so simple yet so flavorful, many friends asked me for the recipe

Some Great Ideas for Side Dish-

Warm Spinach Salad Pioneer Woman’s Spinach Salad with warm bacon dressing this was a solid salad! (I put fresh red onion instead)

Momofuku Brussel Sprouts if you want something Asian and different for your Thanksgiving, give this one a try! NY’s famous contemporary restaurant Momofuku Chef David Chang’s roasted brussel’s sprouts may be the new star at your potluck!

Baked Breadcrumb Stuffed Mushrooms so simple yet packed with FULL Powered mushroom flavor!!! baked stuffed mushrooms-6 Kimchi Bacon Deviled Eggs a new twist on old classic! ๐Ÿ™‚ wKimchi-deviled-eggs-17 5-min Baked Brie this one is one of the EASIEST dishes but also a big hit as post dinner wine snack special! Cover baked brie2

Musichef’s Couscous (I will put up recipe next time I make this again- made with chicken stock with lot of minced kalamta olives, raisins, mint, cilantro and shallots

Musichef’s Spiced Pumpkin Egg Custard Tart tired of making pie shells? well, try this easy dessert – my thanksgiving version of flan dessert paired with tres leche sauce Pin-Pumpkin-eggcustard051
Musichef’s Gluhwein (German Hot Spiced Wine) another favorite amongst my friends and family Musichef_Gluhwein6
Musichef’s Iced Hibiscus Passion Lemon Ice Tea (Mix Tazo Passion Ice Tea + Lemon juice + Passion fruit syrup topped with cranberries)
Some New Dish Highlights from the night! (not in photo, but Korean Bulgogi by Matt, Green Mashed Potatoes by Kristen and Tim, Nyona Chicken Curry by Ernest, Spicy Pork Ribs were so delicious!!)

Indonesian Migoreng Noodle from a.Wang noodle (one of our signature noodles from our noodle shop which will open in two weeks!)


Sawada san’s smiley face onigiri! wah!!


Musichef’s Pumpkin Tart Cake – (that I learned from Korea this January, it was everyone’s favorite dessert!)


Pernielle’s Dutch Pancakes!


I experimented with Keylime Popsicles with condensed milk and cream, came out quite nicely


Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies – took cookie icing class from my pastry chef friend Lianne, I think I’m slowly getting better! hehe do we have sweet tooth or what?


Musichef Tip If you want a tender and well seasoned roast turkey without basting, always put your turkey in a brine (salt/sugar water like in Alton’s recipe) the night before! Where can you get a nice American turkey and all the spices in Beijing? Xinyuanli market near Kunlun hotel! (I often goto Lisa’s shop in the wet market to get hard to get imported spices and sometimes from Taobao) IMG_2044

Musichef Tip#2If you are hosting and want to enjoy the company of your friends, Make in advance as much as you can!!! (at least 70-75%) I learned my lesson last year. (I thought I was 60% ready the night before but when 10+ people came to cook at my place…..we were all running around the chicken like headless chickens,there was not enough cooking space nor time. BUT Good thing is instead of eating at 8:30pm like last year, we started at 6:48pm this time! what an improvement! next year I’ll aim for 5:30 a la hora en punto!

Musichef Tip#3 The RIGHT Music IS JUST AS IMPORTANT as having a perfectly roast turkey. Prepare a playlist of your favorite autumn songs on iTunes or other music player and play them on loop! Even better yet, if you have pandora, duomi (Chinese) free online music player, ask each of your guest to add three of their favorite Autumn songs to the list and play them during potluck! I did it for my End of Summer Potluck few months ago and we a had a blast!
Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 4.22.45 PM
Musichef Tip#4 Even if you are on a tight budget, something as inexpensive as small pumpkins and fake flowers can be used as beautiful autumn decoration! Instead of asking my friend to bring a bottle of wine, I asked her to bring a bouquet of autumn flowers ๐Ÿ™‚ decoration IMG_1979

Read more on my last year’s Musichef Thanksgiving Without Border Party here . thanksgiving TJ

I’m on Instagram – @Musichef_TJ and facebook . come check out Musichef TJ’s daily happenings ๐Ÿ™‚

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