Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking Sing to the wonder of life

Dance to the rhythm of cooking
Sing to the wonder of life

Musichef’s Thanksgiving without borders

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Were you asked to bring a dish to a potluck or looking to host your own Thanksgiving dinner party this week? well, look no further, I have a list of GREAT dishes that are so EASY to make and will surly IMPRESS your friends and family! After hours and hours of research, I also found the BEST recipe for roasted turkey and bread stuffing! πŸ™‚ (tested by me and highly recommended by Musichef TJ!)

Over the weekend, I hosted Musichef’s Fantastic Thanksgiving Potluck where I invited 20 of my friends from all walks of life. Since my friends all come from different parts of the world, the theme of this year’s Thanksgiving was “cooking without borders.” πŸ™‚ A few days before the potluck, I came up with the basic menu and asked my friends to choose from the menu or cook whatever they wanted. If they had no preference, I assigned two friends per each dish with recipe and ingredients provided. The original plan was to have everyone come in at noon and cook together and eat around 4:30pm, well as much as I love my friends, knowing them, I knew that was mission impossible so I asked four friends to come over the night before to prepare as much food as we can (we made 5-6 items!)

Original 5 crew plus talented Sophia!

well my gut feeling was right! most of my friends arrived at 5pm instead of noon ready to be fed…(mission failed) BUT the five of the original crew came early. Thank you thank you!! We had so much fun singing (literally – harmonizing to Chinese pop songs), dancing (to K-pop) and cooking up a storm in the kitchen! hehehe here’s a fantastic video clip ! remember to pause the music player above before playing the video

For your own thanksgiving dinner inspiration, I will share with you the menu and links to the recipes below:

Musichef’s Fantastic Thanksgiving Potluck!

Theme: Thanksgiving without borders

Menu (20 people)



German Potato Salad

Kimchi Bacon Deviled Eggs

Baked Yam with Marshmallow
Honey glazed Roasted Autumn Vegetables
Momofuku Roasted Brussel’s Sprouts with Thai chili vinaigrette

Hang On a Little Tomato Salad

Spinach with Feta Cheese Pine Nut Crumble with Honey
Crunchy Bokchoy and Kale salad

Smoked Salmon with Fennel Apple Salad
Crunchy Bread Stuffing with Bacon and Creamy Leek (*put bit more cream and grated cheese, onion is good too)

Brazilian Pumpkin Soup served in a Pumpkin

Alton Brown’s Roasted Turkey (Best Turkey recipe ever! with gravy & cranberry relish

Red Wine Braised Pork Belly with Korean Coleslaw
Philippine style Shrimp and Beef Noodle ala

French Apple Tart and Thomas Keller’s Slow Poached Banana Ice Cream

Spiced Pumpkin Egg Custard with Tres Leche Sauce

5-Min Baked Brie Cheese with Strawberry Jam

Musichef’s Gluhwein (Spiced Mulled Wine)

On decorations:

Musichef Tip autumn colors can be found in many veggies, fruits and flowers. You don’t have to spend much money, just be creative with what you have πŸ™‚ And don’t stress about making the perfect dish or hosting the perfect party, even a failed thanksgiving dish or two will make a good story to laugh about years from now on, just have fun!

Musichef Tip #2 For those in Beijing wondering where to buy fresh turkey in Beijing – here is good info for you πŸ™‚ Where to buy fresh turkey in Beijing? FYI, I bought my 14lb fresh American turkey in Sanyuanli market πŸ™‚

Musichef Tip #3 Ask your friends to write down or say three things that they are thankful of this year, it makes a great conversation πŸ™‚ As for me, I’m thankful for 1. my loving friends and family 2. God for giving me a chance to pursue my dream as musichef 3. my new kitchen which opened so many doors of possibilities!

fantastic feast with great friends and live piano improv music (thanks James for instant live karaoke!), we shared many laughters that night

Thank you thank you and thank you! πŸ™‚

I’m on Instagram – Musichef_TJ come experience Beijing’s culinary scene as well as Musichef TJ’s daily happenings πŸ™‚

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  • Young

    i see James Guo!

    • Yes! next time be sure to join us chef Young! πŸ™‚

  • June W.

    so awesome! it was great and food was amazing! i’m gonna try the french apple tart! recipe please! thanks for making me apart of your lovely Thanksgiving dinner TJ!

  • Hideya Hirai

    looks soooooo nice!! wish I were there and tasted all of your food..!

    • Hi Hideya! how’s everything in NY? I miss you guys…. i hope I can visit you soon, one of my favorite NY memories is going to the pumpkin farm and drinking wine! πŸ™‚ come visit sometime!!